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Hey Divas

The last few days we see our followers grow on our social media accounts and we love that be sure of that!
But there is one thing that I need to tell you and it needs to be off my chest… we are not Il Divo nor we know them personally nor we know where and when they are going to perform before anyone else. When they release their concert dates we try to put them online on the website or on our social media channels… we are just an unofficial fansite who try to bring you the news around Il Divo.
We hope you understand and we hope you continue supporting us as you are doing now cause we are very happy with that!!
Caro,Site admin of Il Divo 4 Ever x

Il Divo Fans For Charity & Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club : Sebastien Izambard Unique Signed Print Raffle Ticket!

Hello Everyone!

As the most of you will know,the Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club (SIOFC) have had there first birthday as an Non – Profit organisation at the 24th of august! Again congratulations with that!

BUT! they have a wonderfull raffle running and they want to give YOU also an chance to win an beautiful unique signed print! Signed yes by their patron Sebastien Izambard! Who wants to win this beautiful print? I would!

Tickets are for sale for 2€ par ticket and you will find it here : bdayraffle (click on the link)

the raffle runs from the 24th of august till the 7th of september 2017! The money raised by the raffle will be split equally between Seb’s charities AMTM and The Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

best of luck!



pictures of the print :

Our Social Media accounts getting more followers! Thank you!

Hello Diva’s

What a week… Week full of news,sad and good, and we have to go on.

In that bad news,i have some good news : Our Social Media accounts getting more followers and we are MORE than happy with that!!! So thank you!!

On our Facebook we count now more than 1300 followers,on our Twitter 919 followers and on our Instagram 204 followers!! happy with all the 2432 followers! Thank you again!


Links to our Social Media Accounts are :

Facebook : @4everildivo

Twitter : @Il_Divo_4_Ever

Instagram : @4everildivo

Feel free to follow us on our social media accounts if you aren’t by now 😉 everyone is welcome there for more news,pictures etc…

I also want to thank our 2 Facebook co-workers Jean-Pierre and Christelle for there fantastic help on there with sharing pictures etc. Very greatfull to them!



The Romance of Il Divo to be brought to the seas with a special concert,solo performances,dancing,theme parties and more!


Everyone who is subcribed the newsletter from got a mail with a $300 airline credit to new purchasers outside of the US. Use the promo code “INTERNATIONAL”.

you can book via this link “Start my Reservation”

more info via : Il Divo Cruise 

Caro x

Sending out prayers to Barcelona and Finland

Good evening,

All do good… Last night the sad news came to us that there was a terror attack in Barcelona. Today the media told us about attacks in Cambrils and Turku in Finland. Many people been killed and injured again. Also with the people who died was a Belgium girl (our homeland)… Terrible things happened again…

Sending out lots of prayers and love to the victims…Pray for the world,pray for Barcelona, Cambrils and Turku, Pray that those who did not survive this terrible attack will be our guardian angels to a world that will be better…

Caro, Team Il Divo 4 Ever x

video : Il Divo live at Extra! 11/8/2017

Hello diva’s!!!

Good day from Belgium and it’s a good one! For most of us Europeans it was night while Il Divo did the chat but thx to Extra we can go on watching the boy’s! It was a very funny and lovely chat the boys did wit a few promisses! They working on a new album there will be a new world tour (yes also Europe and Asia and and :)) and ofcourse Seb’s new solo album! I think that was what we all need! So! Who is looking forward to all that new work?? I do!

Who is going to the cruise? And who is going to Las Vegas? Let us know!!!

We also want to thank Extra for the chat/intervieuw with Il Divo!

link to Extra  Facebook for the video on their page :

Extra Facebook 

Caro xx

Il Divo live on Extra 11/8/2017

Hello Diva’s!

While rehearsing for their new tour “A Night With The Best Of Il Divo” the boy’s have  find some time to answer your questions! You can send in your questions via Extra (just follow the link) and hope your question will be answered! The time of the live is : 4 PM PT/7 PM ET or 1 AM CEST.

The video will be on the facebook of Extra TV for those who are unaible to see it live!


Caro xx