Sending out prayers to Barcelona and Finland

Good evening,

All do good… Last night the sad news came to us that there was a terror attack in Barcelona. Today the media told us about attacks in Cambrils and Turku in Finland. Many people been killed and injured again. Also with the people who died was a Belgium girl (our homeland)… Terrible things happened again…

Sending out lots of prayers and love to the victims…Pray for the world,pray for Barcelona, Cambrils and Turku, Pray that those who did not survive this terrible attack will be our guardian angels to a world that will be better…

Caro, Team Il Divo 4 Ever x

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2 thoughts on “Sending out prayers to Barcelona and Finland”

  1. My family and I are sending our heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families affected by these terrible events…??❤

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