Our Social Media accounts getting more followers! Thank you!

Hello Diva’s

What a week… Week full of news,sad and good, and we have to go on.

In that bad news,i have some good news : Our Social Media accounts getting more followers and we are MORE than happy with that!!! So thank you!!

On our Facebook we count now more than 1300 followers,on our Twitter 919 followers and on our Instagram 204 followers!! happy with all the 2432 followers! Thank you again!


Links to our Social Media Accounts are :

Facebook : @4everildivo

Twitter : @Il_Divo_4_Ever

Instagram : @4everildivo

Feel free to follow us on our social media accounts if you aren’t by now 😉 everyone is welcome there for more news,pictures etc…

I also want to thank our 2 Facebook co-workers Jean-Pierre and Christelle for there fantastic help on there with sharing pictures etc. Very greatfull to them!


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