Il Divo Fans For Charity & Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club : Sebastien Izambard Unique Signed Print Raffle Ticket!

Hello Everyone!

As the most of you will know,the Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club (SIOFC) have had there first birthday as an Non – Profit organisation at the 24th of august! Again congratulations with that!

BUT! they have a wonderfull raffle running and they want to give YOU also an chance to win an beautiful unique signed print! Signed yes by their patron Sebastien Izambard! Who wants to win this beautiful print? I would!

Tickets are for sale for 2€ par ticket and you will find it here : bdayraffle (click on the link)

the raffle runs from the 24th of august till the 7th of september 2017! The money raised by the raffle will be split equally between Seb’s charities AMTM and The Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

best of luck!



pictures of the print :

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