Sebastien Izambard – We Came Here To Love – 2nd Single : We Came Here To Love!


Hello Diva’s!

What a way to wake up this morning! Sebastien released his 2nd single of We Came Here To Love with the same tittle We Came Here To Love!

What a song! If you pre-ordered the album you can download/listen to the song!

Let us know what you think about that new song!!


Sebastien Izambard – We Came Here To Love : First song of the album : Kingdom Come,Download,Stream,Listen!

Hello Diva’s

Seb is been busy! Hence to the first song of the album “Kingdom Come”!

If you want to hear the song go to this and stream, download and pre-order the album :

Itunes  (kingdom Come)

Itunes (pre-order link We Came Here To Love)

Spotify (Kingdom Come)

Amazon Uk (Kingdom Come)

Amazon US (Kingdom Come)

Lets order Kingdom Come,lets listen to his voice, his music!

Pre-order that album! Show your support to Seb!


Sebastien Izambard – We Came Here To Love : Article and tracklist!

Good morning Diva’s!

We all know Seb is working on his 2nd solo album what got the name We Came Here To Love. We also know that the single will be released at the 15th of September and got the name We Came Here To Love,and the CD with the same name will be released at the 3th of november. Lots of news from the French guy!

now Vents Magazine had a interview with Seb and also post the tracklist of the album! Great news isn’t it?

You can read the interview here : Interview Sebastien Izambard 

And this is the tracklist of his soon to be out album We Came Here To Love :

1. We Came Here To Love

2. Kingdom Come

3. Up

4. Unchained

5. Goodbye My Lover

6. Ashes

7. Blind Heart

8. Love Again

9. Why

10 Cheer Me Up

11. Easy


Hurricane Irma and Earthquake Mexico : Seb and Carlos send out their love

Hello Diva’s,

We all have heard about Hurricane Irma and the terrible Earthquake in Mexico. Seb and Carlos posted about those terrible happenings on Instagram :

sebdivoPraying for everyone in Florida and my family to be safe. It must be terrifying, I hear it’s impossible to find gas for your car. Be safe, my prayers go out to you all 🙏🏼 💛

sebdivoWe all need to pray for this to die off… miracles can happen. Too many lives to many people are in real danger. Let’s all make that time to keep them in our heart. @ildivo_official @sifcofficial#prayersforflorida #faith #miracle

carlosmarinildivoOs mando mucha fuerza a todos los damnificados por el terremoto , estoy con vosotros , ya que para mi México es un país al que adoro y siento el dolor por el que estáis pasando ,Toda la energía positiva para que os recuperéis pronto , a veces contra la naturaleza no se puede luchar
Un enorme abrazo
Carlos #ildivo #ildivo_official #carlosmarin#davidmiller #divodavidmiller #sebdivo#sebastianizanbard #ursbuhler#innocence


Please stay safe, be safe and hope it will be better soon!


Sebastien Izambards 2nd solo album ‘We Came Here To Find Love’ out november 9th!


Hey Diva’s

Big news about Sebs 2nd solo album. Hi just had a big shout out on Instagram and give us dates a name and a single.

Seb his 2nd album will call : “We Came Here To Find Love” and will be released at the 9th of november 2017

The first single will be the tittle song of the album and will call “We Came Here To Find Love” and will be out next Friday the 15th of september 2017!

this is what Seb said about it on his Instagram account :

In a time we most need it the most with all the horrible events across the globe, where everything seems out of control and unbalanced the one thing we all needs is love <3 Pre order in every platform @spotify @amazon you name it… here is Seb’s solo album,”We Came Here To Love”and its first single by the same name.

The album out november 9th 2017

Single next week Friday 15th 2107

enjoy with all our love @wearefaculty written by and his brother @andymakmusic please share this link until you are sick of it #love #wecameheretolove #single #album #sebsoloalbum

Trailer filmed by the incredible @ryan_kravontka incredible house and design A&R my very talented wife Renée Izambard who is the vision behind all of this A&R,stylist and our beautiful house style… Lee Dannay (A&R) and produced by the extra amazing @johnnycoggs and pictures and video clips by my dear friend @marioschmolka stylist @robertmorrisonstylist and the help of my management with also made this possible @stacymichelle @ryan_kravontka @jaredaripaul @mathees and finally distribution worldwide by @eone_music. 

I can’t wait to hear it! Can you?


We send out our prayers to the victims of Hurricane Irma and the Earthquake in Mexico…

hello diva’s

There are scary times in America with hurricane Irma who destroy many things like houses, threes etc… but also lives. It’s a terrible time out there and I hope that people are oke…

We send out a prayer to everyone who need it, who is near that hurricane Irma…

Also we send our love, prayer and all of our power to the people in Mexico after the earthquake there…

all sad news to talk about but things to think about..

keep them in your prayers!