Sebastien Izambard – We Came Here To Love : Article and tracklist!

Good morning Diva’s!

We all know Seb is working on his 2nd solo album what got the name We Came Here To Love. We also know that the single will be released at the 15th of September and got the name We Came Here To Love,and the CD with the same name will be released at the 3th of november. Lots of news from the French guy!

now Vents Magazine had a interview with Seb and also post the tracklist of the album! Great news isn’t it?

You can read the interview here : Interview Sebastien Izambard 

And this is the tracklist of his soon to be out album We Came Here To Love :

1. We Came Here To Love

2. Kingdom Come

3. Up

4. Unchained

5. Goodbye My Lover

6. Ashes

7. Blind Heart

8. Love Again

9. Why

10 Cheer Me Up

11. Easy


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5 thoughts on “Sebastien Izambard – We Came Here To Love : Article and tracklist!”

  1. Dear Seb Izimbard Sir,
    I am a huge fan of Il Divo. I LOVE your music! I am from South Africa Pretoria. I am 77 years old and have tickets for your show in Pretoria in November.
    It will probably be my only chance to see you live.
    I have had much heartache and loss in my life and your music has
    brought much solace.
    Have lost two sons, a very beloved husband of 40 years and a beloved sister.
    The only thing that helps with the sadness is music and especially
    Il Divo.
    I once saw you guys singing “Without You” on You Tube and you Seb were wiping of tears while you were singing. I wondered if it was when your wife was having the twins. It nearly broke my heart.
    I would so love to meet you four personally but don’t think that will ever happen as I think millions of people around the world would also love that.
    So I hope you four will stil sing together in another 15 years.
    Beryl Elizabeth Bosman

    1. Hey Beryl Elisabeth,

      To start with you have reached Il Divo 4 Ever with is a fansite but I love to hear and read comments.
      Your story have touched my heart so much. I am sorry to hear about your heart problems… I also love Without You, it brings me to tears everytime I hear the song.
      I Hope you enjoy the concert in Pretoria so much that’s my wish for you from here in Belgium!
      sending out big hugs to you! <3
      Caro,Site Admin x

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