Sebastien Izambard : Live videos of Kingdom Come and We Came Here To Love

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I start to forget more and more I believe 😉 but here it is… Now your thinking what is that crazy Caro telling about?

About the Live Session videos of Sebs Kingdom Come and We Came Here To Love of course! I was sure I had made a post of that and I didn’t…bad bad admin 🙂 but here they are and enjoy!!

Sebastien Izambard – We Came here To Love : Video + commentary video



Sorry it took so long to post but I have had some day’s of to recuperate and to fly to Nottingham for a concert of the lovely Shane Filan ;). Now back on track for this website 😉

Below the video of Sebs 2nd song of the new album “We Came Here To Love”!

It’s a beautiful new video and you can watch him here! Also below the commentary video of “We Came Here To Love”

Link to Seb’s youtube channel : Sebastien Izambard Youtube Channel 



Sebastien Izambard – 2nd Solo Album out 17th of november


Hope your all oke! Here it’s a bit stormy (much wind and rain)!

News about the new soloalbum of Sebastien Izambard! Seb have send out his 2nd video of his new album “We Came Here To Love” with the same name “We Came Here To Love” (see 2nd post). The release date of this album is pushed up from the 3th of november to the 17th of november! A little longer waiting but it will be there!