Carlos Marin concert in Moscow canceled


It’s Carlos himself who send out an Instagram post with picture that his concert in Moscow is canceled. Carlos is sorry to tell his fans that sad news.

this is Carlos message on Instagram :

I am sorry to anounce that my solo concert Carlos Marín in Concert from Moscow on the 21st of November , has been cancelled because internal logistic issues with the theatre, we are working on a new day reschedule for next year ,but more shows to come very soon worldwide / siento anunciar que mi show de Carlos Marín en Concierto del día 21 de Noviembre se ha cancelado por problemas logísticos del teatro se volverá a anunciar la fecha para el año que viene, pero pronto se anunciaran mas fechas en diferentes países para el año que viene.



Be careful to who you send your personal info to!!!

Diva’s good morning!

We still get messages aswell in pm as public with addresses,e-mailadresses and phone numbers in … We want to warn everyone again that that is NOT good! Please keep your personal info for yourself! You never know who read mails you never know who read twitter you never know! Please be more care full on what you write!

Never give those info!


Goede morgen Diva’s!

We krijgen nog steeds berichten, zowel privé als in het openbaar, met adressen, e-mailadressen en telefoonnummers in … We willen iedereen nogmaals waarschuwen dat dat NIET goed is! Bewaar uw persoonlijke gegevens voor uzelf! Je weet nooit wie de mails leest, wie twitter leest je weet het echt nooit! Wees alsjeblieft meer oplettend met wat je schrijft!

Geef deze info nooit verder!



Bonjour Divas!

Nous recevons toujours des messages en privé et en public avec des adresses, des adresses e-mail et des numéros de téléphone dans … Nous voulons avertir tout le monde que ce n’est pas bon! S’il vous plaît gardez vos informations personnelles pour vous-même! Vous ne savez jamais qui a lu les mails que vous ne savez jamais qui a lu twitter, vous ne savez jamais! S’il vous plaît soyez plus attentifs à ce que vous écrivez!

Ne donne jamais ces informations!

Diva’s buenos días!

Todavía recibimos mensajes también en privado y en público con direcciones, direcciones de correo electrónico y números de teléfono en … ¡Queremos advertir a todos una vez más que eso NO es bueno! Por favor, conserve su información personal para usted! Nunca se sabe quién lee correos que nunca se sabe que leen twitter ¡nunca se sabe! ¡Por favor, cuídate más de lo que escribes!

¡Nunca le des esa información!

Caro and Team Il Divo 4 Ever

More then 1500 followers on Facebook!!


I am one happy admin! A few days ago we reached the 1500 and more followers on Facebook.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who supporting us on this. Thank you so much!!

at this current moment we have 1533 followers on Facebook, 256 followers on Instagram and 958 followers on Twitter!

We are very great full to have you all with us, that you follow us closely and your support! Keep on telling your Diva Friends about us and we try to do our best even more then we do!


Terror attack in Manhattan, New York,USA


Where is our world going to… I was on my job when a colleague said to me there is something happening again in the world. Togheter we put on the tv and we saw about the terror attack in New York… people killed again, people injured again… terrible views from there…

We,Team Il Divo 4 Ever, send out our condolences,love and power to the victims to their family and friends… Within the victims there was a Belgium women killed and 3 other Belgium people where injured…

We hope the people who died in this terrible moment will be a guardian angel for us here on earth and lead us the way to a better place!

No words for this…


All Saints day always a difficult time…

Hello Diva’s

Been a tough period for me but I guess for everyone in general. I’ve lost a family member that was close to my heart. I will miss here.

But then there is All Saints Day,the day we especially think about the family members or friends who we lost, who we never will forget but those days are bad for the emotions and so had i…

We wanna send out our love power and everything we can to be there for you if you lost a loved one! xx

With getting back on my feeds we try to keep up this website and of course our Facebook/instagram and Twitteraccount!

Keep an eye on those for the news close by!