Sebastien Izambard : Facebook live at the 2nd of February 2018


We all know Sebastien’s 2nd solo album is on its way, more to say it’s this Friday the 2nd of February!

We are all curious to hear the songs Seb have made for us, to listen to the words, and to hear the sound of this beautiful new album.

Seb want to do something back and do a Facebook life on his facebook and YOU can ask questions! Seb will also perform some songs of his new album!

Do you have a question for Seb? Yes? wel ask him and maybe your question will be answered by them an himself! Now lets come those questions!

Thank you to Anne-Lies and the fanclub for making such a great poster and letting everyone know when they can find Seb at Facebook!!

1,2,3! the last count to that new album! Who is excited? I am!!




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