Il Divo : New Album : Timeless World Wide Release at April 18,2018


We got some news for you! Il Divo is recording their new album. We already know that it will be an album full of romantic songs from the ’30’s to songs of their days such as the mythical song ‘Smile’. We also know now that this 7th album is going to call “Timeless” as also their tour will call but we know now that this album will be released at the 18 of April 2018!

The tour start at the 20th of April in Mexico City. The Timeless tour will be an elegant,romantic, dramatic and sensual show that include elements such as video, dancers, acrobatics and above all : Voices!! A trip to the most exciting experience of Il Divo So Far!

More info about this new album and the tour can you find on their page “About Us”  on their website

Let count those days to hear that beautiful new music and tour!! there is something to look forward to!

xx Caro

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