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Hello Everyone!!

Hope everyone is fine! Some of you will have seen Il Divo and some of you will have to wait for the coming concerts. I just did Il Divo in Brussels and in Amsterdam and both concerts where lovely as always. Not going in to Light and sound problems.

The man looked fine like always and they give a 1000% of themselves! Songs like Regressa A Mi, Senza Catene and My Way where of course like always in the setlist. But also new songs from their new album like All Of Me (John Legend), Hello (Adele) and Love Me Tender (Elvis) where great and good to hear new music!

Both concerts fans did things for them. In Brussels there where the smilies at the end of Smile and in Amsterdam the lovely Dutch ladies had white red and blue lights, the colors of their flag. they also had a banner for the 15th birthday of Il Divo.

I met some lovely new people and that was so nice! Thank you!

Pictures and videos of Brussels can you find here : Pictures Brussels 

Pictures and videos  of Amsterdam can you find here : Pictures Amsterdam 

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2 thoughts on “Il Divo Timeless Tour : Concerts in Brussels and Amsterdam”

  1. Hi Il Divo,
    I am from Manila and will be going to Tokyo on Sep 19, 2018 to watch your concert there… (bought tickets already) so excited to be there… I hope to be able to meet you all in person

    1. Hello Arlene,

      Hope your oke! We are not Il Divo itself but we are a fansite. Beside that I hope you are having the best experience you ever can have! Sending you kisses and hugs and all the fun you can have! xx Caro,Siteadmin

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