Carlos Marin : Concerts in Cordoba (Argentina, 8/8) and Punta del Este (Uruguay (18/8) canceled.


Hey All,

Bad news for Carlos. Both his concerts on the 8 and 18th Of August ( both in Cordoba (Argentina) and Punta del Este (Uruguay)) are cancelled due problems with his promoter. Carlos wrote a message on Instagram and I tried to translate it by google, above in the pictures of the message that Carlos wrote on his Instagram.

This is the message :

Through this letter we announce that my concert of Carlos Marin de il divo in concert with the guest Innocence, both in Cordoba (Argentina) on August 8 and Punta del Este (Uruguay) on 18 August has been canceled due to the disappearance of promoter D. Francisco Silva Fernandez of TRES REINAS PRODUCCIONES SRL, a company located in Montevideo (Uruguay). Such unprofessional promoter takes a week without signs of life, he has breached the contract both me Carlos Marin not paying me, as with the other promoters of the tour in Latin America with which it has economic agreements, leaving money to owe to all parties involved . However, this good gentleman continues with the concert for sale at the Convention Center of Punta del Este in several pages selling tickets online, without permission for breach for which will be prosecuted by law.
The Quality Theater of Cordoba with whom Francisco Silva had associated has been overcome in obligations and economic burdens, due to the failure of D.Francisco Silva, and has been forced to cancel against his will. It is a pity that these things happen and I apologize in advance, but the only thing that has been achieved with this D.Francisco Silva with the company TRES REINAS PRODUCCIONES S.R.L is an international lawsuit. However, the tour of Latin America will continue with Buenos Aires on August 10 at the Gran Rex Theater and on August 11 at the Tom Brasil in Sao Paolo.
Thank you for your understanding and support
A hug
Carlos Marin @quality_espacio @ildivo @ puntadeleste.cec @ticketekar @innocence_es @nuevosairesprod @poladianproducoes

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