Il Divo : Facebook Live Chat from Melbourne, Australia: 23th October 2018

Hello Everyone!

info @ildivo on instagram

Hello everyone!
Il Divo is doing another Facebook Live and this time from Melbourne, Australia!

The Chat start in Melbourne at 10.30pm but we know there are much different timezone and you can find here when you have to tune in for the chat : Time Zone Conventer
(You click on the blue link, first you give in the 1st timezone what is Melbourne, then the right date and hour. Then you add your timezone (for me that’s Brussels) and you see what time it’s in your country. 
example : Melbourne -> 23 October 2018 -> 22.30 (10.30pm)
                  Brussels (BE) -> 23 October 2018 -> 14.30 (02.30pm)
                  London (UK) -> 23 October 2018 -> 13.30 (01.30pm)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them via our socials @ildivo4ever (on aswel Twitter,Facebook as Instagram!) 


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