Il Divo 4 Ever : Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Hello Diva’s and Divo’s!

We, Jean – Pierre, Christelle and i Caro wish you all a Merry Christmas (I know that was last week) and a Very Happy New Year!! We wish you a year full of love,peace,friendship, health and much more you want to wish for! 

We hope on a year full of Il Divo with concerts and performances! We wish on a year full of Il Divo 4 Ever that we can go on the way we do right now. 

But more, we wish on a year with all of you!Thank you for the support everyone! 

With all the love,

Team Il Divo 4 Ever, Jean – Pierre – Christelle – Caro 

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2 thoughts on “Il Divo 4 Ever : Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!”

  1. I absolutely love hearing you. Can’t always understand what you are singing but love it anyhow. You are amazing. Love the fact also that you are well dressed and don’t look like a group of thugs. Just love you. Happy New Year to you and may God bless you

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