Sebdivofanclub: still a few days to go for the raffle to win a exclusive signed picture of Seb!!

Hello all,

What are you doing on a night you can’t sleep? Writing articles on your website 😉 but this one is for the great cause for the Sebdivofanclub, for Seb but most of all for the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation. This because the sebdivofanclub is dong a raffle to support them and with a beautiful picture of Seb him self. And not only a beautiful picture but a signed beautiful picture!

Do you want to win the picture? Yes? Then buy your tickets for only 2€ per ticket! How? Wel direct payments via

For example: you want 4 tickets you send 8€ to the PayPal link 🙂 more info you can find on the website

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