Carlos Marin

Carlos Marin

Carlos is born at the 13th of october 1968 in Mörfelden – Walldorf in Germany. He recorded his first alum at the age of eight. The album was called The Little Caruso.

At age of 12 hi moved to Spain where hi won several awards in television contests.

His private life

Carlos was married to Geraldine Larossa, but is divorced.

His solo carriere

Carlos startet his career at age 8. Hi recorded his album “Little Carouso” in 1976 with songs as “O Sole Mio”

Hi was also very active in operas.

In 2011 hi started his own show “En Concierto” where hi was doing this show togheter with Geraldine Larossa (Innocence). In september 2016 hi released his album world wide.