Sebastien Izambard

Sebastien (Seb) Izambard

Seb is born at the 7th of march 1973 in Paris. Hi plays the guitar and piano and learnd to sing through self-study.

His private life

Seb married Renée Murphy at the 17 of august 2008 in France. The couple have 3 children : a twin Luca And Rose,born at the 20th of March 2008 and a boy called Jude who is born at the 20th of may.

His solo carriere

Before Seb was in Il Divo ho startet his career as a solo pop musician in France with his album “Libre”. Next of being a singer hi is also an accomplished music composer,pianist and guitar player. Hi has written music for many French artists.

In 2016 hi annouced that hi was working hard for his 2nd solo – album.

His Solidarity Work.

Seb is an active member of 2 charities:

The French organisation AMTM (as Assistance Medical Toit Du Monde) which helps children and oldery in Nepal and India


The Australian Sanfilippo Children’s Founadion of which is is global ambassador of. Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation does research for the children’s illness Sanfilippo Syndrome.

His Fanclub

His fanclub,The Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club, is based in Belgium. The President of this fanclub is Anne – Lies jacobs and togheter with Delphine Decoster,Lesley Ann Jones, Lynn Law, Beth Decheine, Kate Billsborough, Vanessa Goyvearts and Bellis Carolien they do promo and raise money for this charities.

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