Sebastien Izambard

Private life 

Sebastien izamard is born in Paris at the 7th of march 1973. Seb, like many call him, is married to Renee Murphy at the 17th of august 2008. Seb and Renee are proud parents of twins Luca and Rose, born at the 20 march 2008 and Jude born at the 20th of may 2011. 

Musical career

Seb started his career as a pop musician in France with releasing his solo album Libre. Seb is an accomplished music composer, pianist and guitar player. HI have written music for many artists. His musical godfather is Florent Pagney. 

Hi performed in the Richard Cocciant’s musical “Le Petite Prince” where hi played the Business Man.

At the beginning of 2018 Seb brought out a new solo album called We Came here To Love. 


Seb is patron of AMTM. AMTM helps children in Nepal and India. For them hi raffled one of his Armani suits.

Hi is also parton of the Australian Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation. Hi is the global ambassador of that organization.

Hi recorded also 2 videoclips for solidarity projects such as Noël Ensemble. 


Seb have his own fanclub. The fanclubs residence is in Belgium and have its own website : Founder of that fanclub is Anne-Lies Jacobs. Togheter with here team she brings fans of Seb togheter to support him at every stap in his career. 

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